-i'm a husband, father, and photographer (not always in that order)
-love, love, love all things Manilow and i'm not ashamed to admit it
-i despise condiments (meat, cheese, and's the only way to live)
-sarcasm and making fun of myself are my forte' (so don't take me too seriously)
-i love to golf even though it's the most frustrating sport EVER
-THE Ohio State Buckeyes...enough said
-i have a slight addiction to singing in the car...very loudly
-i'm a cheap date because all i need is Wendy's and a Slurpee and i'm happy

and most importantly, i love FUN!! and photography to me is exactly that. photos should be fun and full of energy. whether it's a family portrait, a senior shoot, or a's about having FUN. i believe that's when the best pictures come out. when you are just being you. i don't like to give a ton of direction because i want you to be what i call "uniquely you". that's when you are showing the personality that makes you unique. that makes your family and friends love you. that made your spouse fall in love with you. my goal is to capture that in every shoot.